Providing Bespoke Energy Consumption Solutions To Residential Home-Owners

Bespoke solutions for renewable technology to match the heatloss and energy consumption for your house. Providing Payback analysis so you can be sure that you are saving money from the start. Using the DEAP software to provide up to date analysis on your BER rating depending on your budget and house type

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MECS Services

We provide a vast array  consultancy services to residential home owners who want to reduce their carbon footprint, get support on their SEAI grant applications, & plan for a reduction in energy spend will pay for the equipment installed and complete a BER assessment for their home.

Site Surveys

We provide site surveys & in-depth Autocad sketches of your site/location to assit with planning.

Heatloss Prevention

We can provide you with an accurate heatloss calculation for your home and plan to mitigate any inefficiencies going forward.

Energy Consumption

Review all energies within the home and provide solutions using renewable technologies

Energy Consultation

Provide a one to one energy consultation providing ideas and suggestions with relevant costs, grants, and payback

Grant Application Support

Complete the paperwork on behalf of the homeowner

Drafting Services

Planning Permission Drawings, layout Drawings

Mechanical & Electrical Design Services

Provide construction drawings for Plumber and Electrician with calculated layout drawings with schedule of equipment on your recommendations.

Accredited BER Assessor(coming soon!)

Provide a BER cert for your home if you are selling your home - Also will be used to demonstrate the effectiveness of Renewable Technologies within your home

About MECS

Derek Martin is a Masters degree engineer, with 23 years of experience in the field of Building Services Engineering. Located in Offaly where fossil fuels were quintessential to the homeowner in providing energy, Derek has seen the necessity to provide a service for homeowners who are unsure about which energy source to install in their new or existing homes.

Derek's final Dissertation was on the challenge around socioeconomics and reducing individuals' carbon footprint in Ireland.
This has shown him that of the 2million homes in Ireland, 1million were built before Building Regulations were initiated in 1991, therefore any guidance around Insulation standards were not available. 

He also noted that the renewable industry is driven on sales targets, which increases pressure on new builds or installs to go to a supplier who has a particular brand of system to sell, regardless of the home type or the payback.

Derek plans to provide an unbiased solution to your home depending on your budget, your home type, location, orientation and size.
This is unique as there are not many companies providing an impartial view on selection of Renewable technologies.

Martin Engineering Consultancy Solutions was set up with the intention of providing a consultancy service to residential customers who want to reduce their carbon footprint, get support on their Grant applications, Look for Payback as to when the reduced energy spend will pay for the equipment installed and complete a BER assessment for their home.

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